Monday Labor Day – on My Own

It’s Labor Day so no CrossFit with a group today. Happy holiday everyone.
Even Grace has decided to skip out today. Well, I was awake at 4:08 and downstairs now, ready to go. So, I guess I’ll write this and then I’ll figure out how I’m doing the workout and then get started early.

General Warm-Up
1:00/1:00 foam roll hamstring
1:00/1:00 quad roll

2 rounds
200m run easy (bike 0.25 mile)
0:20 bar hang, supinated grip
10 hanging scap retractions
10/10 dynamic calf stretch
10 kang squats, slow

Skill and Build Up
Pull-Up Progression
5 beat swings
5 beat swing + kip (straight arms)
5 pull-up + push-away

Build-Up and Workout Prep
100m run (bike 0.12 mile)
5 back squats
5 pull-ups

For time (16:30)

800m run (bike 1 mile)
50 back squats (50 goblet squats-10 lb db)
25 pull-ups (25 dumbbell rows – 15 lb db set)
400m run (bike 0.5 mile)
25 pull-ups (25 dumbbell rows- 15 lb db set)
50 back squats (50 goblet squats-10 lb db)
800m run (bike 1 mile)

Not too bad of a workout for doing it myself. I was pleased with the first mile on the bike I finished it in about 3:00. However, the last mile was about 4:00 minutes. But, boy did my legs hurt after the other stuff too!!

Have a nice day! See you soon!

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