Another Early Morning At The Gym…

…wait…I am NOT at the gym. I am at home. Yes, my home has somehow become the modified gym. If you don’t know this yet, doing CrossFit at home is NOT the same as being at the gym. But for now it will have to do….I just miss it and the great people that I have met there.

So, let’s see who will be at the gym with me this morning…Bob, Dave, Lacey, Heather

General Warm-Up
8:00 AMRAP at moderate pace
100 single unders
5 push-ups to down dog
10 hollow rocks (this is very hard, I can’t rock for the life of me)
10 walking lunges

Skill and Build-Up
Dumbbell Push Press Progression (10 lb set)
5 dip and hold
5 dip and drive slow
5 dip and drive fast
5 dumbbell push presses

Build Up
0:15 dumbbell push presses, workout weight (10 lb set)
0:15 rest
0:15 jumping lunges (stationary lunges)
0:15 rest
0:15 crab walk (tried to walk but that ain’t happening here – guess I’m not 12 anymore – I think I moved about 3 inches)

5 rounds for max reps
0:40 max rep dumbbell push press (10 lb set – 10, 8, 8, 8, 8)
0:20 rest
0:40 max rep jumping lunges (12 stationary lunges)
0:20 rest
0:40 crab walk (1st and 5th rounds moved about 3 inches otherwise it was just a crab walk hold)
0:20 rest

Accessory Work/Structural Balance
3 rounds not for time
10/10 landmine single arm row (10 lb db rows)
15 band face pulls (low band) (band pull aparts)

Just love when they throw things in that I SHOULD be able to do because you know when I was a kid I could do them no problem and then it makes me realize I am not a kid – I’m 50! Guess that’s another thing I’ll have to work on.

Have a great day everyone.



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