Home Edition of CrossFit episode 38

May 7 – I can’t believe we’ve been doing this from home for 38 days now. When will we be able to go back to the gym??

CrossFit class today was Bob, Dave, Lacey, and me

General Warm-Up (12:00)
2 rounds
0:30 pike shoulder taps
25 banded face pulls or rear delt raises (25 band pull aparts)
10 Kang squat

Skill and Build Up (11:00) (PVC pipe)
Push jerk (3 step)
5 jump and land
5 jerk balance from head level
5 push jerks

Dumbbell Movement Prep (15lbs)
5 shoulder press
5 push press
5 push jerks
10 bent over rows

Build Up (15lbs)
5 bent over rows
5 step-ups, low to moderate height
3 shoulder press
3 push press
3 push jerks
3 step ups, workout height

20:00 AMRAP (10 lb db set)
30 bent over rows
30 shoulder press (23)
50 step-ups
40 bent over rows
40 push presses (22)
100 walking lunges
50 bent over rows
50 push jerks (27)

Cool Down
2 rounds
0:45 prone lat stretch
0:20 hollow hold
0:45/0:45 couch stretch
0:20 hollow hold

Have to say that once my husband finally decided to restart the router and modem, the internet connection was so much better! Didn’t cut out at all today!

CrossFit at home isn’t too bad since we really don’t have a choice right now. However, I have to say that I am looking forward to going back to the gym not only to see all the people I’ve missed but also to use the barbells and see how I can do with those!


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