Another Day at the Gym… I Mean Home

Technology is awesome – except when it isn’t. My internet connection kept freezing, had to restart my computer, still froze up once I was back in the class. Finally had to switch to using my phone as a hot spot. Irritating…

May 5
Zooming with Bob, Dave, Jeff, Nikki, Heather, Lacey

General Warm-Up (10:00)
EMOM 9:00
Minute 1: Mountain climbers
Minute 2: Glute bridge hold
Minute 3: 0:25/0:25 side plank to reach through

Skill and Build Up (10:00)
Power Clean Progressions (5:00) (10lb db set)
with barbell or PVC
3 clean deadlift to mid-thigh
3 clean deadlift to shrug
3 muscle clean
3 “lands” in the power position
3 hang power clean
3 power clean

Build Up
3-3-3   (10 lb set, 15, 15)
power clean, building up in load

Workout (20:00) (15 lb set)
EMOM of 10:00 (10 sets)
3 power cleans (5 with db)

Immediately into
every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
3 deadlifts (5 with db)

Core Accessory Work (10:00)
3 Rounds
20 Hollow sit-ups (10, 6, 5)
30 arm haulers (20, 20, 20)
40 flutter kicks (floor) (30, 30, 30)

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