Zoom CrossFit Class

March 20 – Day 4  Zoom 

Technology is awesome! Matt was in my family room coaching me as if I were at the gym. Definitely work much harder when someone is telling you what to do, making sure you are doing it correctly, and encouraging you to keep going. 

My only question this morning — where was everyone?? Some of you who regularly showed up at the gym at 5:30 a.m. should really still get up and do this – it worked well. 

Warm Up (3 rounds)
100 single under
50ft single arm dumbbell (10lb) overhead walk
7 ATY (used 3lb weight in each hand)

Ballistic Push-Up 5-5-5-5-5  (I, of course, did regular push-ups – the first 3 were regular, but then on my knees)
1:30 rest between sets

5 Rounds for Time
10 Two push-up burpees
150 single under (jump for 1:30)

Oh my heavens, I have NEVER done an actual burpee…the last time we were supposed to do them, I did them inclined from a box.

Have to say that when Sonja was doing her birthday burpees, my thoughts were…glad I wasn’t going to the gym when I turned 50…but maybe by the time my 51st birthday gets here I’ll actually be able to do 1 — my birthday is in October 🙂

Pretty sure if Matt had not been there to just tell me to do them, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have done them. I’m pretty sure I would have said, “I can’t do those.” Matt didn’t even really give me an option…yes, I did the push-ups on my knees but somehow I was actually able to stand up from them! I could definitely see where the bear crawl helped get me there. 

Now….will I join them tomorrow for a Saturday workout……?????

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