CrossFit Open Week 3 Competition

Week three of the CrossFit Open. How in the world did I get into this stuff? Crazy how much fun it has been and how I have actually looked forward to hearing the workouts, etc.

Today’s workout was announced yesterday at 3:00 p.m. I made sure I was in my office on a “‘phone call” so I could get the announcement right away!
Then I actually went to the gym when I left work so I could get some coaching tips and practice hanging knee raises. Not sure I could do 30 of those. After practicing a few times, I’m sure I can do them it will just be slow. But who really cares – I have 15 minutes causes not like I can do much more of the workout!

Here are the workouts (yes, there are two for today):

The first workout was pretty tough. Took me quite awhile but it was ok because I had 15 mins to do the first workout. The front squats with 45# and the thrusters with 45# was tough. I got to about 11 and wasn’t sure I could finish to 15. But pushed through and got them! The hanging knee raises took quite awhile as I haven’t figured out how to get a good grip on the bar so I slip a lot. I FINALLY managed to get through those.

Then on to workout 21.4 – weightlifting complex. Here are my results.

PR by 30# for the split jerk. This was a good workout and great way to start the day. 
So fun to have done this Open. Glad people encouraged me to sign-up!

Here’s my facebook post about the Open:

CrossFit Open workouts 21.3 & 21.4 complete. Pretty happy with my 30# PR on the weightlifting complex #85 split jerk.
Thank you to all of you who encouraged me to sign-up and encouraged me throughout these workouts. Thank you to CrossFit Timoro Team White for reassuring me my efforts would not be negative to the team. Thank you to the awesome coach Matt Young who pushes me to do more than I think I can! Somehow I have complete trust in him and if says I can do something than ok, I’ll do it (or at least try my hardest).
He said to sign up, I was nervous but ok, I did. I said I couldn’t do wall walks (scaled) and he said I could, I did. He said have fun, I did. And special thanks to my daughter, Victoria Heckenlively who convinced me to go to CrossFit Timoro – definitely a positive change in my life.
Looking forward to my next Open in 2022.
See you all next week!


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