Last Week of 2020 – Wednesday

Ok – I can’t believe I haven’t typed a single post this week! Yes, I have been going to CrossFit but I have just been having a lazy week with kids home, doing not much, watching tv and enjoying not having to work.
I’ll try to catch up! So I guess I’ll start with today and then work backwards….oh and I should mention that I went to the weightlifting class on Sunday as well as the Stretch & Mobility class. However, I discovered that my body doesn’t think I should do two hours of exercise together. My body didn’t like it and I felt like I couldn’t move later in the day!

Ok now for today – Wednesday, December 30th

General Warm Up
1:00 single unders
10 PVC pass through
10 PVC overhead squats
10/10 dynamic calf stretch
1:00 single unders
10 reverse grip PVC pass through
10 waiters overhead squats, PVC
10/10 dynamic calf stretch

Skill and Build Up
Hang Power Snatch Progression
empty barbell 35#
5 snatch grip push press
5 snatch grip push jerk
5 elbows high to power snatch
5 shoulders up to power snatch
5 high hang power snatch
5 hang power snatch

Build Up (3 rounds not for time)
3 hang power snatches, increasing load (started with empty bar, then added 5# plates (45#) then added 2.5# plates (50#) for some reason today everything felt heavy and difficult to do. I ended up taking off the 2.5 plates and left my bar with the 5# so total 45# for the workout.)
3 box jumps, increasing in height (I decided I was going to work on trying to actually do a jump. I used a 16″ box and I still was afraid to try to jump. I did step-ups. )
3 lateral bar hops (these should be easy but they are really hard for me to do)

Workout 21:00 cap
7 rounds
3 hang power snatches (I left weight the same each round 45#s and tried to work on really making sure I had the form correct)
6 box jumps (I did box step-ups to begin with and then I did broad jumps to try to get myself to jump high enough that I thought I could jump on the box. No – I didn’t do it and when I thought maybe I could – I was still afraid to try it. One of these days I’ll get it.
18 lateral bar hops (I could only do 12 each round.)
1:30 rest after each round
I was last to finish but only a few seconds behind some others so wasn’t too far off.

Accessory Work
2 rounds
5 hang muscle snatches (used an empty bar)
10 overhead squats
15 toes to barbell (ok – do you really think an old fat lady will ever get her toes anywhere near a barbell?? I doubt it – but at least I can get my butt of the ground a little and try to get my legs to go somewhere.)

Very challenging workout today. I was extremely sweaty and very tired.

have a good day!
see you tomorrow!

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