Last Week of 2020 – Tuesday

I really can’t believe 2020 is almost over – thank goodness it has been a crazy year. Yes, I know 2021 will be crazy too but hopefully it won’t be quite as bad as 2020.

General Warm Up
1:30 row or bike (row)
5 inchworms with a push-up
5 boot strappers
10 good mornings, empty barbell

1:30 row or bike (row)
5 updog to downdog
10 scap retraction push-ups
10/10 single leg deadlifts, barbell

Skill and Build Up
Power Clean Progression
5 clean deadlifts to mid-thigh
5 clean deadlift to shrug
5 muscle cleans
5 “lands” in power position
5 hang power cleans
5 power cleans

Build Up
5 power cleans, light
5 beat swings
3-1-3 pull up drill
5 burpees

3 power cleans, moderate
3 burpee pull-ups
3 kipping pull-ups

Workout for time
1200m row
30 burpee pull-ups (I did 25. I can’t do a pull-up but put a 45# plate under bar and worked on a jumping pull-up. Someday I’ll actually be able to pull myself up.)
40 power cleans (45#) (I could only do 30.)
50 pull-ups (again worked on jumping pull-ups. did 30 and then time was up.)

Ok that was tough but I was able to do something.
Have a great day!

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