Birthday CrossFitting

Happy Birthday to me 🙂 Yes, I just completed 50 years of life! My motto this past year was 50, Fat, Food, and Fun. I have to admit when I turned 50 I had no thoughts of a gym. But, somehow 1 1/2 months after I turned 50 I ended up “visiting” a gym while my daughter was home for Christmas. I myself still can’t believe that I spent 10 1/2 months of my 50 years of life getting up and going to a gym everyday. I think when people hit 50 they loose a few marbles. Who would do that?
Ok, I have to admit, I have enjoyed it and the people have been great. CrossFit people are great at encouraging and helping you to see that it is one step at a time. And, I have to say I do LOVE the coach, Matt – he has been the BEST — for someone to tell a 50 year old, fat lady that she actually can do some of this stuff. He has been amazing. Anytime I was sure I couldn’t do something he was right there encouraging and telling me that I can do it. Somehow if he says I can do it, well, then I guess I must be able to do something that resembles what we are supposed to be doing.
Going to the gym has helped me loose a little bit of weight, and I actually can do some real exercise and real workouts. And, my family room has become somewhat of an exercise room as well – wall ball, bands, box, dumbbells of various sizes, exercise bike, PVC pipe, jump rope, etc.

So, I am going to admit that shortly after I started going to CrossFit someone had a birthday and I learned that on your birthday you do burpees for the number of your age. WHAT??? Thank God my birthday has passed and it will be a long time before my birthday gets here! Maybe by then I will be able to do 1???

Well….here we are….and I am terrified to even go to CrossFit. I am sorry but old, fat people can’t do 51 burpees!

So, as I get ready to type in what the workout will be for the day, I read first the Coach Instructions (which is usually a good little quote). It’s perfect for today… Fear is just an emotional response.
So, does that mean my emotions are just afraid? Perhaps, I guess we will see what happens.

General Warm Up
Jump Rope (Of course, because this is one of the toughest things for me)
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg single unders
0:20 side to side
0:20 forward and back
0:20 in and out
0:10 double unders
0:10 double unders or triple under attemps
I am getting a little better at jumping rope as I could actually do a couple of these various things.

2 rounds
0:30 banded pull aparts
0:30 banded pull throughs
0:30 scap retraction push-ups
10/10 lying dynamic hamstring stretch
10/10 dynamic calf stretch

Build Up and Skill Work
Kettlebell Swing Prep
10 kettlebell deadlifts, single bell (8 lbs)
10 Russian kettlebell swings, light
5 kettlebell swings, light
5 kettlebell swings, workout load

Pull-up Progression
5 beat swings
5 beat swing + kip
5 pull-up + push away (did pull on bar, swing forward, back and jump up – pull with arms)

for time
3 rounds
80 double unders (attempts for 1:15)
21 kettlebell swings (15 with 8 lb)
12 pull-ups (10 pull on bar, swing and jump up)

Now….will I do birthday burpees????
Matt didn’t know it was my birthday so I was good. However, I felt guilty so I told Matt. However I also told him I was terrified to even come to class today. He said that I could use a box to make them easier or I could do from the floor.

Reanna came and said that I can have someone share them with me and she would do 25 and I could do 26. She is awesome! To volunteer to do burpees?? Who does this?? Only the people at this CrossFit gym.

I did them, my legs are killing me but I lived.
Maybe next year I can do 27 🙂

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