Wednesday – Half Way

Guess the week is half over.

General Warm-Up
200m run or row/bike for 10cal/8cal (row)
0:30 inchworm + push-up
0:30 Kang squats
0:45 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build Up
Clean Progression (35lb barbell)
5 clean deadlift to mid-thigh
5 clean deadlift to shrug
5 muscle cleans
5 front squat
5 hang clean
5-7 cleans

Build Up
5 squat cleans, light (35lb bar + 2.5 weights = 40lbs)
3 burpees
3 squat cleans, workout weight (35lb bar + 2.5 weights = 40lbs)
3 burpees
5cal bike or row

20:00 AMRAP (Matt said everyone should get through 5 rounds and that would be really good. Well, I got the squat cleans and burpees in round 5 but time ended. Oh, well, I tried. My goal was to actually just do the correct amount of reps each time and not scale and I did do that.)
5 squat cleans
10 burpees
15/12 cal row or bike (Matt said the scale was no longer than 1:00, pretty sure that scale was for me. However, I was very happy that I was able to do a 12 cal row in 0:57-0:60! Guess I don’t need to scale for that either now.)

Improvement…..that’s what it’s about.
I feel like I should be able to do more by now (like lift more with a barbell) and feel like I should have lost more weight by now. But I guess, when you’re 50 and like food, the fat likes to stick around. No, I don’t eat as much as I used to but I’m not really giving anything up.

Great workout! See you tomorrow!

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