Tuesday – CrossFit

A few less today but still an awesome group to start the day with.
Happy Birthday to Bob!

General Warm Up
2 rounds
200 single unders (2 mins)
0:45 overhead plate hold (15 lb)
10 beat swings (hung from bar and tried to swing)

Build Up
10/10 landmine half-kneeling single-arm press, empty bar
5/5 landmine half-kneeling single-arm press, light (5 lb)
5/5 landmine half-kneeling single-arm press, light-moderate (10 lb)

Workout Part 1
4 rounds (5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb)
8 landmine half-kneeling single-arm press, left
0:30 rest
8 landmine half-kneeling single-arm press, right
0:30 rest
*increase loads from last week

Push Press Progression (trainer bar)
*with empty barbell
5 dip and hold
5 dip and drive slow
5 dip and drive fast
7 push press

Build Up
3 pull-ups or pull-ups modifications (ring rows)
3 box jumps, low (16″ step ups)
3 push press, workout weight (trainer bar 15lb + 5lb = 25lb)

For Time (10:37)
2 rounds
30 pull-ups (30 ring rows)
25 box jumps (box step ups 16″ box)
20 push press (25 lb)

Tough workout but I made it!
Now, for Bob’s birthday burpees. He did 64 burpees unbroken! Ok, if only I could do half that many.
I should probably skip crossfit on my birthday – there is no way I can do 51 burpees!
I remember starting crossfit in December and someone having a birthday and I thought…”thank God may birthday has past – maybe by next year I’ll be able to do a single burpee”!

Have a great day everyone! I still have a month to figure out how to do 51 burpees or decide if I should skip a class??? Decisions??
But you have to remember….I’m 50, I’m fat, I love food and I really don’t exercise (so how I’ve been doing CrossFit since December and how I just go out and walk a couple miles – I really have no idea!)

See you tomorrow!

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