CrossFit Thursday

Who will be working out today? Bob, Jeff, Nikki, Reanna, Lacey, Grace, and me?

Small group today as it was only Lacey, Heather, and me.

General Warm-Up
5:00 row or bike, increase the pace every 1:00

Skill and Build-Up
Double Kettlebell Overhead walk Prep (used 8lb dumbbell)
*Perform the first 4 steps with light kettlebells or dumbbells
10/10 single arm dumbbell or kettlebell shoulder press
10/10 windmills
50ft/50ft single arm kettlebell overhead carry
50 ft double kettlebell overhead walk, light
50 fit double kettlebell overhead walk, moderate
50 ft double kettlebell overhead walk, anticipated workout weight

Strict Toes to Bar Prep
10 straight leg sit-ups (I did regular sit ups)
10 toes to kettlebell (do you really think this fat, fifty year old can touch her toes to a kettlebell that someone placed above my head?? I don’t think so. I ended up doing tuck crunches. I’m actually getting better at those as I can get my knees and my chest much closer together and my legs and shoulders are clearly off the floor. Progress I guess.)
5 strict leg raises
5 strict toes to bar

20:00 AMRAP (5 full sets and I was in the middle of the tuck crunches when time ended)
20cal/16 cal row or bike (1:30)
15m double kettlebell overhead walk (8lb db set)
10 strict toes to bar (tuck crunches)

Accessory Work
3 Rounds NOT for Time
10 dumbbell floor presses (8lb set)
30 banded triceps pushdowns

Good workout. Now to shower and head to work. Busy day….helping teachers, meetings, finish schedules, assign lockers and somehow be ready for orientation tonight. Can’t believe we start school on Monday 🙂

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