CrossFit on a Wednesday

We’ve been CrossFit zooming way too long. I can’t even be creative to come up with titles anymore. Oh well, pretty soon, we will just be down to the date.

Who will work out today? Bob, Jeff, Lacey, Reanna, Nikki, Grace, and me.
Guessed pretty close – Bob, Jeff, Lacey, Reanna, Heather, Nikki, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
1:30 jump rope easy
1:00 glutei bridge walk-ups
0:30/0:30 side plank dips
10 tiger bend push-ups
0:45/0:45 heel-toe hamstring stretch

Skill and Build Up
Deadlift Prep (15 lb db set)
10 stiff legged deadlifts, 0:05 eccentric phase
5/5 single leg Romanian deadlift, 0:03 eccentric phase
10 deadlifts

5 sets (15 lb set)
3-5 deadlifts, increasing in load (5 each set)

Perform 15 double under and 5 burpees after sets 2 and 4 (30 single unders + 5 burpees)
Final warm-up set should be slightly below anticipated workout weight for day.

5 Rounds (15 lb db set)
2:00 Timeframe
5 deadlifts, heavy
50 double unders (75 single unders)
remaining time complete as many burpees as possible (was able to complete 4 or 5 each round – they are getting better, I can actually jump forward a little bit)
2:00 rest after each round

10-15 dumbbell deadlifts

double unders – reduce reps or 75 single unders

Cool Down and Recovery
2 Rounds
0:30 hollow hold (I CAN ACTUALLY do this for the whole time!!)
0:45/0:45 pigeon stretch on floor

Hope everyone has a great day!

See you tomorrow!

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