Tuesday CrossFit

Who will be crossfitting today? Bob, Dave, Lacey, Heather, Mike, Grace, and me.

General Warm-up
2 rounds
1:30 single unders
5 squats with counter balance, 0:03 descent and 0:03 pause in bottom of each rep (held 10lb db)
10/10 quadruped rotations
15/15 banded monster walk variation, lateral only

Skill and Build-Up
Squat Clean and Jerk Progression (10 lb db set)
5 jump and lands in a split
5 jump and land with thumbs on shoulders
5 timing drill
5 split jerks
3 muscle clean + front squat + jerk
3 hang clean + jerks
5 clean and jerks

Build Up
4 rounds
2 clean and jerks, increasing in load each set (10 lb set)
3 burpees
10 double unders (20 singles)

Workout (25:00)
Every 5:00 for 25:00 (5 rounds)
3 squat clean and jerks, heavy (5-7 db squat clean and jerks) (used 10 lb set – 15 lb felt way too heavy today. I think it’s because I’m tired. I go to bed way too late and get up way too early.)
12 burpees (10 each round)
48 double unders (60-75 singles each round)

Have a great day everyone.




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