Another Week of CrossFit via Zoom

How do the weekends go so fast? I feel like I’m just beginning to rest and then it’s Monday morning and I’m already tired 🙂

Who will be up this morning to CrossFit? Bob, Dave, Lacey, Nikki, and me.

Guess Grace can’t really handle getting up early….actually, I think she needs to go to bed at night…

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
1:30 row or bike (bike)
20 band pull aparts
15 banded shoulder press
5 inchworms + push-up

Skill and Build-Up
Handstand Push-Press
0:30 single-arm plank to wall press (did this)
or single-arm dumbbell overhead hold for 0:20 per arm

0:30 planked wall press (was able to do this for about 0:20)
or 0:30 double dumbbell overhead hold

0:20 handstand hold back to wall
or a pike on the box (pike from couch)

5 piked handstand push-ups (tried pike from couch but couldn’t do push-up did inchworms instead)
5 handstand push-up
*utilize variation to be completed in the workout: piked, knees on box, piked on box, head to one abmat, or full handstand push-up

toes to bar and pull-up prep
10 beat swings
2 kip to 1 kip
3 position toes to bar drill
3 pull-ups

Workout (25:00 time cap)
for time
50 handstand push-ups (or pike box) (30 inchworms + push up)
40 cal row or bike (30 cal – 3:30)
50 pull-ups (50 bent over db rows  15lb set)
40 cal row or bike (30 cal – 3:30)
50 toes to bar (10 abmat sit ups; 20 tuck ups)
40 cal row or bike (30 cal – 3:35)

Good way to start the week.

Have a great day everyone.

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