CrossFit Tuesday

Another day of Zooming from home. I so wish we could be at the gym.

Who will be working out this morning? Bob, Dave, Jeff, Lacey, Grace, and me.

Chan Warm-Up
8/8 spiderman lunges
10/10 lateral lunges
inchworm + push-ups (5, 4, 3 2, 1)
10/10 windmills
10/10 arm circles (forward/backward)
10/10 arm pretzels
10/10 shoulder rolls (forward/backward)
10/10 wrist circles

Skill and Build Up
Thruster Progression
with empty barbell
5 front squat
5 push press
5 thruster

Build Up
5 thrusters, light load, second workout weight load
10 beat swings
3-1-3 pull drill
3 thrusters, first workout weight load
3 pull-ups + 3 chest to bar pull-ups
3 thrusters, load slightly heavier than first workout weight

For Time
10-8-6-4-2 (15 lb set 10, 6, 6, 4, 2)
chest to bar pull-ups (dumbbell bent over rows – 15 lb set)

5:00 rest

thruster (10 lb set)
pull-ups (10 lb set for bent over rows)

Minimal Equipment
use dumbbell thruster and dumbbell bent-over rows

Accessory Work
3 rounds NOT for time
10/10 3 point dumbbell row (15 lb)
10 sweatt shrugs (10 lb set)


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