Monday Once Again – CrossFit

August 3, 2020

Wow, where did August come from? Seems like only yesterday it was March! Can’t believe we are still at home doing CrossFit. It would be so nice to go back to the gym.

Who will be working out today? Bob, Dave, Lacey, Grace, and me.

General Warm-Up
2 Rounds
10 squats with feet together
10 prisoner good morning jumps
10 PVC pass throughs
10 hollow rock with PVC pipe

Skill and Build Up
Squat Snatch Progression
5 overhead squats
5 “drops”
5 snatch balance
5 elbows up to pull under
3 high hang squat snatch
3 hang squat snatch from mid-thigh
3 squat snatch
*perform with PVC pipe

2 sets
3 position snatch

Build Up
3 rounds
0:20 row or bike
3 squat snatch, increasing load

30:00 EMOM
Minute 1: 15cal/12cal bike or row
Minute 2: 3 squat snatches
Minute 3: rest

Minimal Equipment
Every 3:00 for 30:00 (10 rounds)
200m run (8 cal row = 0:50/0:55 bike)
5/5 dumbbell squat snatch (15 lb db)

Cool Down
2:00 superman hold on floor, accumulated

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