Zooming Again…CrossFit

Looking forward to seeing who will be working out this morning? Perhaps Bob, Dave, Jeff, Lacey, Nikki, Grace, and me?

I guessed right – those are the people working out today.

General Warm-Up
3 rounds
0:20 jumping jacks
0:10 rest
0:20 mountain climbers
0:10 rest

2 rounds
15 pass throughs
10/10 lateral leg swings
20 toy soldiers
10 hanging scap retractions or scap retraction push-ups

Skill and Build Up
Power Snatch Progression (3 step) (10 lb db)
5 deadlift + shrug + elbow high (barbell)
5 muscle snatch (barbell)
5 power snatch (barbell)

Build Up
3 power snatches, light load    (10 lb db)
10 beat swings  (15 lb set – db bent over rows)
5 air squats
3 power snatches, workout weight (15 lb db)
2 reps of the 3-1-3 pull-up drill (15 lb set – db bent over rows 6)
5 air squats
3 power snatches, use a load above the intended workout weight for the day (15 lb db)
3 pull-ups (15 lb set – db bent over rows)
5 air squats

3 rounds for time (8:00)
10 power snatches (15 lb db)
20 pull-ups (15 lb set bent over db rows)
30 air squats

Minimal Equipment
dumbbells snatch, alternating arms
or burpees

use any type of row. Bent over, ring rows or truck rows

Accessory and Stretching
2 Rounds
50 banded lat press downs
0:45/0:45 bird dog hold

Good workout. Have a great day everyone.


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