New Week, New Month – CrossFit

What a busy weekend we ended up having. I’m a bit tired this morning but we’ll see how things go. According to what I read, I don’t know how to do half this stuff.

Victoria is still here but not joining me this morning as my niece Julia stayed overnight and they decided they couldn’t get up this early.

So, who will be up this morning? Bob, Jeff, Heather, Lacey, Nikkie, Holly, and me.

50 jumping jacks
10 plate or bag overhead reverse lunges (reverse lunges no weight)
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch

40 jumping jacks
10 plate overhead jumping lunges (reverse lunges no weight)
0:30 wall press stretch

30 jumping jacks
20 PVC pass throughs
0:30 butchers block stretch

Skill and Build Up
Split jerk progression
2 reps of foot placement and receiving position
5 jump and land with hands at side
5 jump and land with thumbs on shoulders
5 timing drill- jump, punch, and land
5 split jerks with PVC or barbell (PVC)

Build Up
3 sets
3-5 split jerks (10 lb db set)
10 hanging scap retractions (push-up variation)
3-5 strict pull-ups or variation (10 lb db rows)

For Time
I did the option below with dumbbells

15 split jerks
15 strict pull-ups
12 split jerks
12 strict pull ups
9 split jerks
9 strict pull ups
6 split jerks
6 strict pull ups
3 split jerks
3 strict pull ups

options with dumbbells
21 dumbbell split jerks (10lb db set)
15 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
18 dumbbell split jerks (10lb db set only 1 and I couldn’t get the weight up – finished workout with the PVC pipe and no weight)
12 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
15 dumbbell split jerks (PVC pipe)
9 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
12 dumbbell split jerks (PVC pipe)
6 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)
9 dumbbell split jerks (PVC pipe)
3 dumbbell rows (10lb db set)

Accessory Work
3 rounds
15 PVC pass-throughs
15 band pull aparts
15 band face pulls
0:30/0:30 single arm high plank

Ok – I’m tired but guess I have to get ready and go to work.
Busy day ahead.



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