Fit for Friday or Just CrossFit?

Ok, I don’t think I’m fit for Friday. I’m exhausted from this week. My body hurts and I’m just tired. But, I’m bringing a guest today!! Yep, Victoria came home last night to surprise Grace for her graduation. It was lots of fun!

So, who will be there to say hello to Victoria? Jeff, Lacey, Nikki and her guest Holly, and me.

General Warm-Up
Plate Hop Sequence
In and outs
alternating feet side hops
alternating feet forward hops
single leg forward hops
both feet side hopes
plank hand walk

2 rounds
10 lateral lunges walk steps
10 squat therapy reps
0:45 glute bridge march
0:45 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build Up
Squat Prep
20 front rack “in and outs” (used swiffer mop for prep work)
10 front squats
10 king squats
10 back squats

Toes to bar progression (V-ups, tuck-ups)
10 kip swings
5 knees to elbows
5 knees to elbows + kick + fast return

Build Up and Prep (used db)
5 front squats (10 lb db set)
5 toes to bar (v-ups)
5 back squats (10 lb db set front squats)
5 sit ups (with ab mat feet under couch)

Conditioning (did the workout below with dumbbell set)
For Time
21 – 15 – 9
front squat
toes to bar

Immediately into
back squat

With Dumbbells
5 rounds for time
10 dumbbell front squats (10 with 10 lb db sets)
10 toes to bar or 15 v-ups (10 v-ups)
10 dumbbell front squats (10 with 10 lb db sets)
20 sit-ups (with ab mat and feet under couch – 10, 8, 8, 8, 5)


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