Friday Fun


A busy Friday…since I was the first one up, I got to take Oliver for a walk. We walked around the block only 0.70 miles but it was good. I think it took forever to do because dogs think they have to stop at every tree! What the heck? He doesn’t really go that much!

We are helping Brendan with his campaign for District Judge so printed off the button logos, went to the chiropractor, stopped at Walmart, and ended up at Grandma’s house in Litchfield. She has had no clue about Victoria coming home.

Oh, I have to back up and say that Rowan really wanted to know how Grandma was going to react about Victoria being home. So, I told her to take something to Grandma’s house and pretend like she needed to show it to her and stay and visit for a little while as we would be there shortly. So, off she went to Grandma’s house.

We got there and I went in to see where she was in the house. Rowan and she were in the family room, she was talking, and wrapping some gifts. She noticed I was there and I told her we had to run to Litchfield to drop some stuff off at Brendan’s so we thought we’d stop and say hi. Grace came in and started talking to her. Then Oliver came in and was all over the family room, even tried jumping on Rowan on the couch! Grandma never saw a thing. Victoria and Olivia came in and stood behind the couch! It was great! I recorded it…

So much fun! We stayed for a little bit and visited and then we stopped at Brendan’s house. Talked to them for a few minutes and then Brendan, Victoria, and I ran out to the Galloway’s house so Victoria could meet Sara since they have been communicating quite a bit on campaign items.

We finally headed home. We were all exhausted, ate a very late lunch, listened to the Governor (say a lot of nothing), and then we took naps.

The girls then got up and made dinner – Olivia grilled chicken, Grace and Victoria cut up vegetables for grilled veggies. It was all very good.



Decided we should have dessert so off for a walk to the ice cream store. Such a nice evening for a walk.

Oliver was a bit confused when Noah went up a tree! He stood there for awhile trying to figure out where he went!

Finally made it to the ice cream store…

Oliver likes ice cream as much as everyone else 🙂

We walked home and watched TV for a little bit. Oliver was tired so he took a nap and the girls worked on making buttons for Uncle Brendan.

Fun and busy day…walked 3.7 miles today.


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