Just Another Friday

What a way to start the day…Mrs. Brown (the Kindergarten teacher) put together a video for her students about the year. In the video she inserted video clips of each student at home saying what they miss about school, telling their friends they miss them and will see them next year. It totally made me cry. I had tears just streaming down my face.
Why, you ask? Well, besides the fact that I am a mother and cry over everything, I am also so extremely emotional these days due to the situation in which we are forced to live, missing all of the students at Hillsdale Academy, and seeing the photos within this video thinking about each and every student that is in this building all year and their personalities and how they contribute to our Academy family, it’s just sad. Great job Mrs. Brown. I’m sure your families will enjoy it! Now to stop crying and get on with work.

Have to say one of the fun things today….receiving a few photos of pancake breakfasts at home as well as happy to be done with school!

Got a number of things done and then decided to head out early. Hopeful that I can go home and get a few things accomplished – like do things for Grace’s graduation (create an announcement, locate certificates/awards, sort photos, etc.).

Went home finished a couple of things for work. Then I took a nap, I was exhausted. I thought I would sleep for like 15 minutes but I ended up sleeping almost 2 hours! What! Now I have gotten nothing done.


Helped Olivia mix up the pizza dough and then I went for a walk while talking with my friend Lisa. She is always great to talk to as we can always totally just be ourselves. Got home from my 1.97 mile walk and sat on the deck for a few minutes. Saw my neighbor at her backdoor and went and talked for a couple of minutes until the girls came to tell me it was time for dinner.

Went and ate dinner, took some leftovers back over to the neighbor and stayed and visited for awhile. We hadn’t been there in at least 6 weeks. It was nice to try to get back to a normal of some kind.  While we were there, Rowan called a number of times. So, when we got home, I called her back. She just wanted to talk a little. Then, I asked if her mom was there and I talked to Torrie for a bit. As we were talking, she told me the Governor had just extended the stay at home until June 12. What??!!!! This is beyond ridiculous. As I said yesterday, I am so totally confused. We can open up all these other things but stay home. We can gather with no more than 10 people but stay home. Isn’t it time to get the economy going, have those at higher risk stay home and if they choose not to that is now their choice, try to move on with life but have people use some common sense?

I am so sad and depressed I feel like I am just holding back so much. I feel like I want to dig a hole, crawl in it and just cry. I know the risks but at this point, I need some freedom. I don’t even feel like I live in America any more – no freedom to assemble, no freedom of religion, living in a state controlled by one person (our whole checks and balances system is gone), people are afraid of each other, people are afraid to live, people are locked up in nursing homes and not being able to have their loved ones with them, what has happened to our society?

Now I am sad and depressed for my daughter, Grace. How in the world will she ever graduate? How will we really be able to ever celebrate her accomplishments? I’m no longer holding out hope of any type of in-person graduation. I think I have just resigned myself to the fact that she will be handed her diploma in some bizarre fashion and it will be meaningless. No real ceremony to say how proud we are of these kids, what a great job they have done, to let others share in that celebration. I guess perhaps a drive-by and grab your diploma, wow, that’s special.

I guess this is more than enough. And, yes, I know, there are plenty of people who have negative thoughts about all I have just said, but as I have said in my disclaimer, be respectful, you don’t have to agree with me, but these are MY thoughts and feelings – not yours!

Have a good evening and hope everyone can find some way to celebrate Memorial Day. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure the great Governor said… “in the coming days I will let Michiganders know how they can celebrate Memorial Day.”

Wow, I can hardly wait…



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