Another Weekend….Quarantined

What a busy, long weekend it turned out to be. The weather was finally really beautiful!

IMG_9550 (1)

Got up on Saturday and spent time chatting with Rowan. It’s always fun the way we take pictures of each other and all the filters she finds to play around with. Always a fun way to start the day.

Today, Grace and I worked on things while enjoying the deck. We took some boxes of “stuff” outside for Grace to sort through to locate certificates and school photos. I worked on finishing up Brendan’s facebook page. Brendan is running for Hillsdale County District Judge so Victoria and I are working on social media, website, etc.

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Victoria called so I decided to go for my walk so we could talk without others listening to us 🙂 I ended up walking up West Street to where the bike trail starts on the left. I don’t recall ever really going that way before. It crosses Fayette and then it goes down to the cemetery and behind the recycle place. It was actually a really nice walk. Total miles for this walk 2.83.

I finished up Brendan’s facebook page and published it. It was fun to watch the numbers of people the page was reaching. It was also fun to watch how many people each individual post was reaching.



After we finally ate dinner, the kids and I went for a brief walk.

Total miles for Saturday…4.8.



Sunday I walked about a mile (forgot to turn on my app) while talking to my sister. Then I sat on the deck enjoying the beautiful sun and relaxing atmosphere of my deck. Finally, Grace, Olivia, and I fixed three of the deck chairs. They needed extra webbing added to them. We did a great job on them and they turned out good!

We then got ready to go to a graduation party. It was so nice going to the party. People were very mindful of one another but we definitely did hug people. It was SO GOOD to see people!! It was especially great to see the kids and how happy they were being with one another. It was really great! Total of 2.6 miles walked today.



Monday, Memorial Day. Got up, walked 1.51 miles and then talked to Rowan. Wow, the filter she used today, I’ve never seen anyone be a toaster before…


Moved the houseplants out to the deck for the summer. I will have to take photo tomorrow so you can see it. It looks so cool out there in the summer. Then we got around and left to meet family at the lake. So much fun to see everyone and enjoy the outdoors and each others company. The kids had a lot of fun.


Stayed out there most of the day, came home so the girls could change clothes. Then we ran to Litchfield to the cemetery and to stop and see the new trampoline at Rowan’s house.

A long busy day but it was so nice to be with people. Hope everyone has a great week.

Almost forgot…total walking miles today…3.5.

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