Got up in time to do a quick walk before it rained. Only, walked 0.65 miles but got home right before it rained.

IMG_9037 Then I made myself breakfast (cheesy eggs with ham) with some coffee. Just as I finished I heard from my friend, Rowan. My good morning call, but I told her I wondered what had happened to her since she missed our walk this morning.

Decided today I needed to work on some things to get ready for graduation. Yes, someday we will have a graduation for Grace and we will have a party. Her classmates will also really graduate someday. Therefore, we worked on the rest of the pictures we needed for Grace, worked on gifts for the graduates, found a few things to use at Grace’s party. Felt good to get a little bit of an actual start. Not nearly as far as I was with the other kids at this point, but at least we have started.

Nothing else too exciting today. We had Grandma come down and have dinner with us. Dinner included sweet corn, which was really tasty and Grace and I decided to try the facebook instructions we recently saw for cooking the corn – leaving it in the husks and cooking in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Here’s what happened…

After dinner consisted of a game of Apples to Apples between Grandma, Grace, Olivia and myself. I don’t think I have ever played this game. Must have been good though as I won 🙂

Finished the evening with a dish of sherbet. Nice day but only ended up walking 2.2 miles today. As my kids always say, you really should have one day where you sort of rest.


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