Just a Saturday

Couldn’t it have been raining today? Would have loved getting up to terrible storms. However, the weather was actually really good — yes, it was perfect weather for track. The Regional track meet should have been today and it was actually good weather for it.



Talked to Rowan first thing this morning while she was at the Spa.


IMG_9014  I then went for a walk with my mom. She was just getting up as Rowan was heading to her house for a little bit. We walked 1.67 miles. Got home finished up talking to them and then ate breakfast and ran to the store to pick up medication. IT was really good!

Spent the day working outside, planting all the flowers we had purchased from he Academy plant sale. Moved stuff around the desk, added more solar lights to some of the pots. I really should take some photos now that my planters all have flowers in them!!

Finished the evening with a late dinner compliments of Noah – chicken stir fry. Very good dinner tonight!

Total miles walked today 3.8.


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