April 30 – Zoom CrossFit

April 30 – Zoom 

Technology is awesome! I wonder who will show up for the 5:30 a.m. workout…..Dave, Bob, Kathy, Nikki, and me 

Well, technology is mostly awesome. Today there were issues with my audio. I finally left the class and reentered and it seemed to fix it.

General Warm Up (15:00)
Stretch sequence
2 rounds each leg
Perform all 3 stretches on one side and then move to other side
0:30 lunge circles
0:30 straighten the front leg
0:30 hands to outside

2 Rounds
10 air squats
10/10/ side plank dips
10 walking lunges
0:30 superman hold (on floor)

Workout Prep (4:00)
L-sit prep (tuck hold)
0:20 pike stretch
10/10 single leg compressions
0:20 pike stretch
10 compressions
0:10 tuck L-sit
0:10 L-sit

Build Up
3 sets
3 squats (10 lb db set)

Workout (15:00)
5 rounds for time (12:58)
15 front squats (10lb db set)
0:45 tuck sit, accumulated

Cool Down
2 rounds
1:00 easy air squats
0:30/0:30 samson stretch

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