Ok, I guess I should give you the background story of CrossFit and how somehow it has become part of my daily life.

First, for those who know me, I definitely did not search it out. I definitely am not and never have been the person who was going to jump at going to an exercise class, especially if you have to pay money. That’s crazy! If I really want to exercise I can do that at home. As a matter of fact, sometimes I do exercise – go for walks, use the WiiFit, or go for a bike ride (ok, not often, maybe rarely – I am just “too busy” to fit in anything else).

Last jump back to July… the kids and I were in Georgia visiting Victoria (my oldest daughter). She had joined a CrossFit gym and had decided that on the 4th we were doing family day at CrossFit. We were all going…Victoria, Noah, Grace, Olivia, and their mom (I guess that’s me).  Grace and Olivia had been going to class with her everyday that week. Noah was arriving on the 3rd  for the long weekend and so she thought it would be a great family activity. So, I agreed. I’m game for anything, especially when I know it’s a one time deal.

Off to CrossFit we went for like the 8:00 a.m. class. Keep in mind, we were in Atlanta, Georgia in July and boy was it hot! We showed up and there were quite a few people there. Victoria introduced us to people and to the coach. Everyone was very nice, friendly and helpful. It was a nice environment.

We began with the warm-up, not too bad outside in front of the gym, in a big circle doing (or trying to do) exercises such as jumping jacks, butt kickers, supposedly simple warm-up things. I have to admit, I am DEFINITELY too old and too fat for this kind of thing. I’m pretty sure my kids thought it would be funny to try to kill their mom with this exercise thing. What am I doing?? How did I get them to talk me into this?

Completed the warm-up, went inside to learn about the work-out. It was a team work-out day.


Three rounds for time of:

30 Wall ball shots, 20-pound ball. (10 lb)
30 75 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull (empty trainer bar)
30 Box jump, 20″ box. (jumping jacks)
30 75 pound Push press (empty trainer bar)
Row 30 calories. (15 cal)
30 Push-ups.
Bodyweight Back squat, 10 reps. (empty trainer bar)


Luis was very supportive and encouraging teaching me what to do and how to do the “scaled” versions. Olivia and I couldn’t figure out why we were so slow because we had only completed like 1 1/2 rounds when everyone else was finishing three rounds! Guess we misunderstood that doing a “team” workout means each person shares in doing each round. So guess we weren’t too slow considering we each did 1 1/2 full rounds. 🙂

We finished the morning with a cool-down of a 400m run (in my case walk) around the building complex. I didn’t think I’d make it around but the kids did good pushing me to keep going.

I was pleased that I had finished that workout and glad I really hadn’t died. However, I soon discovered that no one told me that I wouldn’t be able to sit down for three days! Every time I tried to even sit on the toilet I wanted to cry because it hurt so bad. Even worse, every time I didn’t think I would be able to get off the toilet.

Walking around Atlanta the next day was painful but I pushed through and just tried not to sit down!

I don’t know why the kids thought it would be funny to see their mom go to the gym and I don’t know why I went….


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