and so the writing begins…

So forever, I have wanted to write a book (probably a children’s book, but who knows) life seems to always get in the way. Since life has suddenly come to an abrupt halt, I feel I might be able to start writing…so why not just start with a blog about daily life. Love to share happenings on Facebook but feel like I can keep more detail if I just blog. So, someday I may take all my posts and somehow turn them into a book 🙂

Perhaps I should introduce myself so you know who the main characters are within my life story….I’m Teresa and I am 50 years old — wait, what? what did that say? ok…yes, I’m 50… and fat, and love food, and love to have fun (especially with the little ones), and I do CrossFit. Wait… what did that say? CrossFit?? Did I say that right? Actually, Yes! I actually do CrossFit…I know, doesn’t sound like it fits with 50, fat and food….but as we go along I’ll fill you in on the journey to and through CrossFit. Probably should apologize now as you will get to read about my workout everyday….don’t worry, if you don’t understand the workouts and all that CrossFit jargon….you’re not alone…I still don’t get all of it….some but definitely not all…I’m learning.

Then there is the family unit… a geek husband of 25 years who totally stresses me out, four children (23, 20, 18, 15) who keep me very busy, lots of nieces and nephews, and a full-time job. But, I’ll keep you in suspense…you’ll learn about all those at some point.

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