Power at the Gym – CrossFit Wednesday

Thankful the gym got their power back yesterday. Able to head to the gym this morning.

Not too many there about 9 of us.

It’s summer and it’s time for wandering!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

200m Run (bike 11 cal)
5 Inchworms + updog to downdog
20 Banded good mornings
20 Banded pull aparts
200m Row
10/10 Dynamic calf stretch
10 Barbell good mornings, use a 0:05 eccentric (lowering) phase
20 Snatch grip elbows out row


Deadlift Progression (3 Step) (~3:00)
*With an empty barbell:
6 From top, to the knees and stand
6 From top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
6 Deadlift

Build-up (~8:00)
200m Row, easy
5 Deadlifts, light (75#)
200m Run, easy (bike 11 cal)

200m Row, moderate
5 Deadlifts, moderate (105#)
200m Run, moderate

100m Row, hard
3 Deadlifts, workout weight (125#)
100m Run, hard

  WORKOUT (~10:00)

For time (7:43)
500m Row
30 Deadlifts (205lbs/145lbs) (125#)
400m Run (echo bike 21 cal)

Notes This workout is intended to be a short workout where a fast pace is to be attempted at the onset of the workout. The load on the deadlift is intended to be a weight that could potentially be performed unbroken or with 1-2 short rest breaks. Strive to complete the deadlifts in under 2:00.
Faster times for this workout will be under 5:00-6:00 while the intent is for all to be completed in under 7:00-8:00. The 10:00 allocation for this workout plans for athletes needing to rotate to the rowers once the first group of athletes has completed their 500m effort.
Row/Run *No modification should be needed, set up as a waterfall as needed to utilize the equipment.
Deadlift *Reduce load to a weight that is safe and fast for 15 reps. Sumo deadlift for athletes that are not able to achieve a flat back in the set up of the conventional deadlift.


Dumbbells Available For time
400m Run
40 Dumbbell deadlifts
400m Run

Bodyweight Only For time
400m Run
1:30 Superman hold on floor
400m run


(Not sure why someone calls this “recovery” – I don’t see anything recovering! Just harder to breathe and more sweat dripping.)

For 15:00 at a moderate pace
150 Single unders (150, 120, 120, 100, 100)
100ft/100ft Single arm farmers walk (35# kettlebell)
5 Kneeling jump-ups or broad jumps (5 broad jumps)

Notes The section is intended to be performed at a moderate effort and a relatively steady pace. The load on the farmer’s walk is intended to allow for completion of 100ft distance with a moderate effort. Do NOT rush the kneeling jump-ups or broad jumps. Focus on putting forth a quality effort on each rep.
Single Unders *Perform a number of reps that allow for completion in under 1:30.
Single Arm Farmers Walk *Decrease loading if excessive rest ensues.
Kneeling Jump Ups or Broad Jumps *If jumping is problematic use an air squat.

Minimal Equipment The limit here maybe for the farmer carry. Grab a backpack and toss 20-ish pound in. Have fun.

Always good to be at the gym. Good workout. Hope everyone has a great day!

See you all tomorrow!

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