CrossFit Tuesday

Back to the gym for day two of a week of workouts. What kind of fun will we have today?


“Remember this, no matter how good you are, people will judge you according to their moods and needs.” – Tom Hardy

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

2 Rounds
1:30 Row or bike, easy to moderate pace (bike)
0:45 Inchworm + updog to down dog
0:45 Bootstrappers
0:30 Deadbug


L-Hang Prep (~3:00)
0:20 Bar hang
0:10 Tuck L-hang
0:10 L-Hang

Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press Prep and Build-up (~5:00)
*With a light dumbbell
5/5 Windmills

2 Sets
3/3 Single-arm dumbbell shoulder press
*Take care of the final workout prep for part 1 during this time.



  WORKOUT, PART 1 (~12:00)

Every 3:00 for 12:00 (4 rounds)
10/10 Single arm dumbbell shoulder press (my left arm was hurting for some reason so I ended up dropping the 15# db and just using a 10# one. This worked and I started with the left side each time so I could get through those and then move to the right. 

0:30 L-hang (I’m able to hang a bit longer but I can’t get a good grip. Any ideas how to really do this? I just slip off the bar.)

Notes Use a controlled 0:03 lowering phase on each rep of the shoulder press. The load is intended to be very challenging for 10 consecutive reps. The weaker side determines the load if there is a strength difference between arms.
The L-hang is intended to be performed in no more than 2 sets each round.

Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press *Decrease the load until able to complete 10 consecutive reps.
L-hang *Tuck L-hang




Put equipment away from part 1.
Wall Ball Progression (A) *With a medicine ball:
5 Wall ball front squat
5 Wall ball push press
5 Wall ball

Wall Walk Prep
0:15 Single arm plank to wall press, right
0:15 Single arm plank to wall press, left
0:15 Plank wall press
1 Partial wall walk + 0:10 hold
1 Wall walk + 0:10 hold + return to the floor under control
*Rest as needed between movements

  WORKOUT, PART 2 (~10:00)

10:00 AMRAP
15 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs, 10ft/9ft target)  
2 Wall walks

I didn’t really keep track of how many rounds I did. I just wanted to do all the wall balls (as written) and attempt my wall walks each time. 
This was sooooo hard!!! I really thought I’d be able to move my arms back a little bit more but no – I start to get my feet up on the wall and my arms just really don’t want to move. I did move them a little but not too much. I’ll keep working on this – eventually I’ll get it!

Notes This workout is targeted towards endurance of the shoulders although the legs are likely to get fatigued as well. Move at a pace on the wall walks that encourage a range of motion and a relatively consistent pace. Strive to complete all sets of wall balls consecutively with one short rest break being acceptable.
Wall Ball Shots *Reduce load to achieve 15 reps. *Reduce height not achievable with a light load.
Wall Walks *Reduce reps to 1 for beginners as needed. *Partial wall walk or a pike-up with feet or knees on a box.

Minimal Equipment
Dumbbells available 10:00 AMRAP 12 Goblet thrusters 2 Wall walks Bodyweight 10:00 AMRAP 15 Jumping air squat 2 Wall walks








It was actually fun to attempt the wall walks again today. Someday I’ll get it all figured out and my arms will just move where I’d like them to go. But until then, I’ll keep working on them.

Good workout. 
See everyone tomorrow!!

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