Thursday Zooming Again

After my trip I’m a bit tired and decided to do Zoom for a few days.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)


“Cardio Ramp Up – Shoulder and Back Focus”
On a bike or rower, complete (bike)
5 intervals of:
0:50 Easy
0:10 Hard

Then, complete 3 rounds not for time of:
5/5 Windmills
5/5 Cross-body dumbbell muscle snatch (8lb db)


Happy I have a 45# bar at home with some 2.5# plates and some 5# plates. At least I can do a little more than I can with my dumbbells.

Shoulder to Overhead Press (~6:00)
5 Shoulder presses
0:20 Barbell overhead hold
5 Dip and hold
5 Dip and drive fast
5 Push presses
5 “Lands”
5 Push Jerk
The final 5 movements are in the video labeled: push press and push jerk combo progression

Deadlift Progression (3 Step) (~3:00)
*With an empty barbell:
5 From top, to the knees and stand
5 From top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
5 Deadlift

Build Up (~6:00)
2 Sets (1st set -50#, 2nd set – 55#)
3 Shoulder press + 3 push press + 3 push jerks
*Use intended shoulder press workout weight on the final set.

Then, (50# – decided that i would not be able to do all the reps if I used 55#s)
5 Deadlifts
3 Push press + 3 push jerks (Use intended push press weight)
5 Deadlifts (Use intended workout weight)
3 Push jerks (Use intended workout weight)
*Rest as needed between sets.

  TRANSITION (~3:00)

Finalize options and set-up. Take care of any final workout prep.

  WORKOUT (~15:00)

For time (not sure on time – couldn’t see a clock – but it was under 15:00)

25 Shoulder presses (95lbs/65lbs) 50#
50cal/40cal Row 40 cal bike
25 Push presses (115lbs/75lbs) 50# could only do 20
50 Deadlifts (135lbs/95lbs) 50#
25 Push jerks (135bs/95lbs) 50# could only do 20

Notes This workout is intended to challenge the strength and muscular endurance of the shoulders while also incorporating complementary movements that will elevate the heart rate and challenge the stamina of the posterior chain. The load on each pressing movement is intended to challenge the athlete to complete each set of 25 reps with 1-2 short rest breaks. The deadlift load is intended to be light where at least 20 reps can be completed consecutively. It is intended for athletes to finish this workout in under 15:00 while faster times may be under 10:00. Today is a great day to substitute the SkiErg if available.


Shoulder to Overhead Movements *Reduce reps by 5-10 reps to use loading. *Use a load that allows for reps to be completed with no more than 2 short rest breaks. Rowing *Row a number of calories that allows for completion in under 5:00. *SkiErg. Deadlifts *Reduce reps by 5-10 reps to use intended loading. *Use a load that allows for 15-20+ reps to be completed consecutively. Minimal Equipment Options Dumbbells Available For time 25 Dumbbell shoulder presses 800m Run or 2500m bike (outside) 25 Dumbbell push presses 50 Dumbbell deadlifts 25 Dumbbell push jerks Bag/Backpack Available For time 5 Wall walks 800m Run or 2500m bike (outside) 25 Handstand push-ups 50 Bag behind the neck good mornings 75 Bag push press (shoulder to shoulder)


25/25 Single leg seated leg curls
50 Band face pull (low band)
25/25 Single leg seated leg curls
50 Band pull-aparts
50 Banded bicep curls

Definitely glad I have a set of bands at home. It’s great to be able to do the accessory work and i use them quite often when I just feel like doing a little bit of stretching. They are also easy to travel with!

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