A Fit Friday (or trying to get Fit)

A dream with dedication is powerful!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

2 Rounds
50 Jumping jacks
0:40 Plank shoulder taps
0:30/0:30 Heel toe hamstring stretch
20 Banded good mornings
10 Cossack squats





Kettlebell Swing Warm-up (~3:00)
With a light kettlebell (18#)
10 Single kettlebell deadlifts
7 Russian swings
7 Kettlebell swings

Workout Prep (~4:00)
100ft. Kettlebell farmers carry (25# db set)
5 Kettlebell swings, workout weight (18#)
3 No push-up burpees


  WORKOUT (~20:00)

For time: 3 Rounds
200m Kettlebell farmers carry (35lbs/25lbs) (I actually did the 25# db set. This was the first time I used that much weight for that length of a carry. First two rounds I did non-stop without setting down the db. The third round I ended up having to set down the dbs after the third round down/back. Set them down for a few seconds and then did the final three down/backs. My arms were REALLY sore after this!! That was pretty long to carry that much weight!)
25 Kettlebell swings (53lbs/35lbs) (used 18# kettlebell and was able to do all of these fine. The third round was pretty tough as my arms were really tired and sore after the farmers carry.)
30 No push-up burpees (had to scale these as I am soooo slow at these – 1st & 2nd rounds did 20. 3rd round hit the 20 min time cap when I was just finishing 10 – fine with me.)


Notes The workout will be challenging the lungs and grip. The first 200m farmers carry is intended to be completed without putting the kettlebells/dumbbells down although 1-2 very short breaks is acceptable. The kettlebell swings are intended to be able to be completed unbroken or with 1-2 very short rest breaks. The no push-up burpee may seem like an easy movement when compared to the classic burpee. However, this burpee variation when completed at a fast pace making it extremely taxing.
This workout is intended to be 20:00 or less.
Kettlebell Farmers Carry *Reduce load 1st. Kettlebell Swings *Reduce load for consistent reps. No Push-up Burpees *Enjoy. Minimal Equipment Options Backpack/Bag Option 3 Rounds for time 0:45/0:45 Side plank 25 Bag swings 30 No push-up burpees



3 Rounds NOT for time
10-20 Hanging flutter kicks (I tried to do hang but my arms hurt and I couldn’t even hang. I ended up laying on the floor doing flutter kicks.)
10/10 Paloff press (used a red band)
5/5 Single arm ring row (these were really hard but I’m sure they are good for building strength in your arms – think my next purchase should be rings?)


Notes Move through this section at a moderate pace and focus on the quality of each movement. Perform the ring rows with a controlled 0:03 lowering phase. Hanging Flutter Kicks *Flutter kicks (floor) Paloff Press *Use a band tension that allows for the reps to be completed at a controlled pace. Single Arm Ring Row *Position the feet to allow for 5 reps each arm to be completed unbroken *8-10 Ring rows.

Ok this workout was much tougher than it looked. My arms really are tired and sore. They just need to rest.

Good week. not sure when I’ll be back – heading to Utah Sunday morning and will be back to the gym for sure on 4/14.
Guess I’ll see you then! If I actually do some workouts while I’m gone, I’ll try share with you!

See you!

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