Wednesday Fit at CrossFit

The most important factor in survival is not intelligence or strength, but adaptability.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~15:00)

Run 400m @ EZ pace (bike 3:00)

“Modified Hinshaw Running Warm-up”
10yds Over the hurdle
10yds Knee to chest
10yds Walking Samson stretch
10yds Toy soldiers

2 Rounds
15/15 Bird dogs,
slow 30 Deadbugs


Back Squat Specific Warm-up (~3:00)
5 Squat therapy
5 Kang squats
5 Back squats

Notes Use a 0:03 lowering on the squats.

Build Up (~7:00)
100m Run
5 Back squats, light
5 Sit-ups
100m Run
5 Back squats, moderate
5 Sit-ups
100m Run

    WORKOUT (~17:00)

For time: 15:25
800m Run (bike 1000m)
Into 21-15-9 rep rounds
Back squat (155lbs/105lbs) 55#
2x Sit-ups 42-30-18 (25, 20, 18) (sit-ups are always very hard for me and take a long time however, a year ago, I couldn’t even do a sit-up. So, doing what I did I felt really good about.)

800m run (bike 1000m)

Notes The barbell starts on the floor for the back squats. The load is moderate and is intended to allow for all rounds to be completed unbroken.
The sit-up volume is challenging and will impact the trunk for the back squats. Attempt to perform the movement at a fast pace on each round. Expect the final run to be very demanding when following the lower body demand of the back squats. Shooting for sub 12:00 will be a tough goal to strive for while completing the workout in under ~17:00 is a great goal. The reps on the sit-ups are 42-30-18. Run *Reduce the distance to complete in less than ~4:30 Back Squats *Reduce load to complete consistent “pretty” reps. *Choose to keep the loading and decrease the reps is a great option today to assist athletes moving more weight than usual. Sit-ups *Use a v-tuck Dumbbells Available *Use dumbbell front squats Bodyweight Only *Use air squats

Another good day at the gym. It’s amazing the things I can do now that I could not even dream of doing a year ago!

Have a great day and I will see some of you tomorrow!!

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