Tuesday of Open Week #3

How many people will be working out today? Not as many as yesterday – maybe about half.
I’m anxious to hear which team won our challenges last week? Go Team White!!
Well, it was Team Blue – beat Team White by 1 point. Let’s go Team White on this last week!!

Great things take time!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

1:30 Row or bike (bike)
1:00/1:00 stretch holding on to box
1:30 Row or bike (bike)
1:00/1:00 stretch – bend leg up and hold foot
1:00 stretch ab mat, put head down between arms



Build-up (~4:00)
2 Sets
3 Strict pull-ups
used 2 black bands – Alicia got me to use only 1 but I can’t get anywhere near the bar with one – my arms just aren’t strong enough….

Notes Use a light load on the second set of pull-ups.
If not performing the strength session with load, utilize band assistance for both of these build-up sets.



Workout (~10:00)
Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets)
5 strict pull-up (used black band for assistance – didn’t get very far my arms aren’t very strong)
Notes This is a classic 5×5 upper body pulling strength session.
Use a load or movement variation that makes 5 reps difficult to achieve unbroken.


Weighted strict pull-ups
*Perform unloaded.
*Utilize band assistance or perform a toenail spot pull-up.

Minimal Equipment Options
For time
500m Run or 1600m bike outside
75 Double unders
50 Truck rows or other rowing variation
75 Double unders


Jump Rope Warm-up
0:20 Single unders.
0:20 Single leg single unders.
0:20 Side to sides. (I actually can do these!)
0:20 Forward and backs. (I can actually do these!)
0:20 In and outs. (I can do a few of these)
0:10 Double unders.
0:10 Double unders or triple unders attempts.
*0:05-0:10 Rest between movements

2 Sets
5 Beat swings

WORKOUT (~10:00)

For time 7:14

500m Row (0.6 bike)
75 Double unders (125 singles)
50 Pull-ups (we did bent over dumbbell rows – I used 20# set db)
75 Double unders (125 singles)
Notes Perform the row at a moderate effort that allows for a fast transition to the double unders and does not impact the pull-ups to a high degree.
The double under volume is moderate and athletes are not intended to spend a ton of time (no more than ~2:00) on either set of 75 reps.
The placement and manner in which the pull-ups are programmed will challenge muscular endurance. This movement should not exceed 3:00 while those with a high pull-up capacity may attempt to complete these reps in 1-2 sets.
Faster times for this workout could be under 6:00-7:00. This workout can be run in heats where a new athlete starts shortly after another athlete completes the 500m row.
*Cap at 2:30
*1500m/1200m air bike.

Double Unders
*Practice double unders for 1:30 for each set of 75 reps.
*Perform 125 single unders for each set of 75 reps.

Pull-ups *Modify to a jumping pull-up or ring row.

Good workout for today! Looking forward to another one tomorrow!

See you all tomorrow! Have a great day!

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