CrossFit on a Tuesday

Another day at the gym…who will be working out today? Another good group today – about 12.

While most dream of success, champions wake up and work hard!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~12:00)

2:00 Rowing
5 Inchworm + up dog to down dog
10/10 Lying dynamic hamstring stretch
5 Rollover v-sit
0:20 Hollow hold
0:30 Squat with hand reaches
2:00 Rowing
10 Scap retraction push-ups
20 Lying leg crossovers
0:20/0:20 Side plank dips
0:30 Prone lat stretch


Pull-up Prep (~5:00)
10 Hanging scap retractions
3 Strict pull-ups or band-assisted strict pull-ups (2 black bands)

Pull-up Progression (3 Step)
5 Beat swings
5 Beat swing + kip (straight arms)
5 Pull-up + push-away
Notes Use a box or band to assist with the progression as needed.

Dumbbell Push Press Progression 1 (~4:00)
*Use a light set of dumbbells  15# set
5 Dip and hold, 0:03 hold in the bottom of each rep
5 Dip and drive slow
5 Dip and drive fast
5-7 Push presses

Build Up (~3:00)
3 Dumbbell shoulder press 15# set
3 Dumbbell push press
Notes Practice any of the other movements as needed during this time.

WORKOUT (~20:00)

For Total Reps:
8 Rounds
0:20 Pull-ups (2 black bands)
*Rounds 1-4 strict, rounds 5-8 gymnastics kip.
0:10 Rest

1:00 Rest

8 Rounds
0:20 Dumbbell shoulder press/push press (35lbs/25lbs) 15# db set
*Rounds 1-4 shoulder press, rounds 5-8 push press.
0:10 Rest

1:00 Rest

8 Rounds
0:20 Sit-ups (I actually could do like 6-7 every 0:20 – I don’t think I have ever done that before. Sit-ups have always been an extreme challenge.)
0:10 Rest

1:00 Rest

8 Rounds
0:20 Rowing (calories)
0:10 Rest

Notes This is a high-rep stamina workout where muscular failure will be the primary variable to contend with. The pull-ups and overhead pressing elements are arranged in a fashion where the strict movements are done first before moving to a variation that may allow for higher reps to be accumulated. Strive for a consistent number across all intervals of the sit-ups and put forth a challenging effort on all row intervals. Go for broke on the rows!


*Band-assisted strict pull-ups.
*Ring rows.
*For some a strict pull-up followed by a banded strict pull-up in later rounds may be beneficial for pull-up growth.
*Jumping pull-ups, use a chest to bar/chin to bar to decrease difficulty in later rounds.

*Minimal equipment, dumbbell bent-over rows, use a bag as needed.
Dumbbell Shoulder Press *Use a load that allows for at least 5 reps to be completed during each interval.
*Minimal equipment, pike push-up + push-up Dumbbell Push Press *Use a load that allows for consistent movement on at least 2 out of 4 intervals.
Sit-ups *V-Tuck Rowing *Use a different cardio apparatus if equipment is limited. *Minimal Equipment, 10m shuttle run.

COOL DOWN (~5:00)

0:30 Updog
1:00 Prone lat stretch
0:30 Updog
1:00 Wall press stretch

This was a tough workout today. I was definitely sweating – like dripping sweat!!

Home, shower and off to work. Maybe I’ll get a walk in over lunch – it’s supposed to be nice weather today!

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!

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