Finally Friday CrossFit

There ain’t no rust on a happy bus!

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~10:00)

Jump Rope ‘
0:20 Single unders.
0:20 Single leg single unders.
0:20 Side to sides.
0:20 Forward and backs.
0:20 In and outs.
0:10 Double unders.
0:10 Double unders or triple unders attempts.
*0:05-0:10 Rest between movements
Jump roping had become so very frustrating! I used to be able to jump rope like crazy – even when I was 9 months pregnant! Now, I struggle with anything involving a jump rope. Perhaps I should have a goal this year?? Perhaps being able to do most of this warm-up with the damn jump rope!

2 Rounds
0:30 Banded good mornings
0:30/0:30 Spiderman stretch

Downdog Sequence 2
0:10 Downdog
0:10 Updog
0:10/0:10 Downdog with shoulder circles
0:10 Updog 0:10/0:10 Downdog with ankle reach


Deadlift Progression (3 Step) (~3:00)
*With an empty barbell:  45#
7 From top, to the knees and stand
7 From top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
7 Deadlift Build-up (~10:00)

4 Sets
3-5 Deadlifts  55#
*10 double unders after rounds 2 and 4.

WORKOUT (~15:00)

For time:
5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (275lbs/185lbs) (85#, 85#, 85#, 95#, 95#)
50 Double unders (I did lateral hops over a line on the floor. Actually I can do these fairly quickly now. It used to be a struggle!)
2:00 Rest between rounds
*Compare to 11/9/20 (65# deadlifts for all rounds)
*Log total time including rest.

Notes These are intended to be fast efforts that do NOT exceed 1:00-1:30. The load on the deadlift should be challenging, but doable, for 10 reps to be completed unbroken. Athletes can increase the load from 11/9/20 if all rounds were easy to complete unbroken.
Deadlifts *Reduce load to maintain positioning and achieve 10 reps.
Double Unders *30 Lateral bar hops

Minimal Equipment Options Dumbbells For time:
5 Rounds 15 Dumbbell deadlifts *Choose a load that is challenging but can be completed for 10. Start at the knee or mid-shin to keep a rigid back position as needed.
50 Double unders 2:00 Rest between rounds

Bodyweight Only For time: 5 Rounds 15 Supermans, (contract/relax) 0:30 Superman hold 15/15 Single leg glute bridge 50 Double unders


3 Rounds NOT for time
10/10 Half kneeling Pallof press
10/10 Banded bird dogs (first time I have done these with a band – very challenging!!)
Notes Use a band tension that allows each movement to be performed with a moderate effort at a controlled pace.

I think deadlifts are one of my favorite things to do – I guess because I can actually do them!!
Another great workout to end the week. Now home, shower and hit the road to go visit Grace!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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