Middle of the CrossFit Week

Nothing is worth it if it doesn’t ultimately bring you happiness.

  GENERAL WARM-UP (~15:00)

“Joint Prep Routine”
10/10 Turn head side to side
10/10 Look up and down
10/10 Swing head in crescent shape side to side
10/10 Shoulder rolls forward, then back
10/10 Swing one arm up, while other is down
10/10 Swing arms across body at 45º with right arm high, then left arm high
10/10 Full range of motion arm circles forward then back
10/10 Side to side trunk twists
10/10 Straight leg hip circles
10/10 Right leg swings, then left
10/10 Right lateral leg swings, then left
20/20 Butt kickers
10/10 Knee circles
10 Dorsiflexion drops
10/10 Seated ankle circles

2 Rounds
5 Push-ups
5 Jump air squats

3 No push-up burpees
3 Burpees to target


Workout (~7:00)
7:00 AMRAP
Burpees (52 no push-up burpees)
*Jump and touch a target that is 6″ higher than arm’s length overhead.
*Compare to 12/15/17 and 1/4/19

Notes This is a low-skill conditioning workout that is very demanding physically as well as psychologically.
Push for a maximum effort on this one.

Movement Options
*No target
*No push-up burpee, use this sparingly and only where absolutely needed.


Active Recovery
5:00 easy row, bike, or walk (bike)
1:00/1:00 Prone pec stretch
1:00 Prone lat stretch

Accessory Work

3 Rounds NOT for time
10/10 3 Point dumbbell row (20# db)
20 Banded bicep curls

Minimal Equipment
Dumbbells available

3 Rounds NOT for time
10/10 3 Point dumbbell rows
10 Hammer curls

Bodyweight Only
In as few sets as possible 45 Truck rows or bent over bag rows

Another good workout this week. I really didn’t think I would be able to do that many burpees but I guess it helps I cut out the push-up. I probably would have only been able to do about 10 if I would have done them with the push-up 🙂

See everyone tomorrow!

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