Half-way Through Week – Wednesday CrossFit

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
1:00 single unders
0:30/0:30 spiderman stretch
0:30 prone lat stretch
15 overhead squats (PVC)
15 sit-ups (I could only do like 6 of these – for some reason I just couldn’t do sit-ups today.)
15/15 single leg glute bridge
15 band pull aparts
15 band shoulder press

Skill and Build Up
Kipping Pull-up Progression
5 beat swings + dead stop
2 beat swings + 1 kip
2 beat swings + 1 kipping pull up
2 beat swings + 1 kipping pull-up + 2 beat swings
Link 3 kipping pull-ups

Wall ball Progression
5 wall ball front squat
5 wall ball push press
5 wall ball

Workout (20:00)
For time
10 rounds
12 unbroken wall ball shots (20lb/14lbs, 10ft/9ft) (did all of these each round 14#, 9ft)
0:30 rest
8 unbroken pull-ups (band assisted (2 black bands) and able to do 8 each time)
0:30 rest

Core Accessory Work
4 rounds NOT for time
0:10 hanging yes no (knee tuck)
10 toes to kettlebell

What a workout for Wednesday. I do like wall balls for some reason. I just need to work at being able to get down a little bit further each time.

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