Friday Workout – Finish Strong

Ok, what type of workout will we have today? Wednesday is extremely tough. Yesterday I feel like I must have done something wrong because I felt the least amount of soreness that I have felt in a long time.

Success is not final.
Failure is not fatal.

General Warm-Up
“Modified Hinshaw Running warm-up”
10 yds over the hurdle
10 yds knee to chest
10 yds figure 4
10 yds walking samson stretch
10 yds toy soldiers
0:30 sitting arm swings
0:30 standing arm swings
10 yds toes out walk
10 yds toes in walk
10 yds walk on heels
10 yds walk on toes
10 yds walk on outside of feet
10 yds walk on inside of feet

Squat Prep
5 squat therapy reps
5 squats with feet together
5 wide stance squats
5 squat therapy reps
5 air squats

Workout (20:00 cap)
5 rounds for time
50 air squats (50, 40, 35, 30, 30)
400m run (row – 500m, 400m, 400m, 400m, 300m)
This was so very intense. Doesn’t sound like it would be too bad but come on really, they think I can do 250 air squats and row 2000m in 20:00??? I think they forget that I am fifty and fat! I couldn’t even do this in 20:00 – I took like 20:37 to do what I did!)

Accessory Work
4 rounds not for time
8/8 Bulgarian split squat (I did 6 each time – un weighted – these were very difficult today. Guess I haven’t done them in a long time so my legs and balance were having a hard time working together!)
15/15 dumbbell side bends (15lb db)

Good week – seemed to go by quickly. I don’t know where all the time goes.

Have a good weekend! See everyone on Monday!

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