Filthy 50 Workout

What in the world is this?? Wonder how many people will show up for this type of workout??
Actually, there were a lot of people – I think like 16. Guess they didn’t look at the workout before they came 🙂
I’m sorry but whoever thought of this warm-up is crazy! This is a WORKOUT!

General Warm Up
30 Single unders
15 russian swings (10lb db)
30 single unders
15 lunges
30 single unders
15 beat swings
30 single unders
15 push press (empty bar)
30 single unders
15 bar good mornings (PVC)
30 single unders
15 air squats
30 single unders
15 push-ups
30 single unders
15 double unders

By the time I was done with the warm-up, I felt like I had done a workout! I was totally out of breath and sweating like a pig! My shirt was already soaked! Guess I should have worn my sweat activated t-shirt today – I should read the workouts and figure out the best day to wear that!

Filthy 50
For time 30:00 cap

50 box jump (30 step-ups – I tried to do a jump but for some reason I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I was scared of it again. I don’t know…someday…)
50 jumping pull-ups (25 – these are very hard – I stood on 2 plates and I still can’t pull myself over the bar but it’s getting closer)
50 kettlebell swings (25 lb db – 30 swings – I felt this was good because i don’t think I have done that many at that weight before.)
50 walking lunges (30 – these seemed to take forever, I worked really hard to make my knee touch the floor each time but after a few I felt like it took forever to get my knee up and my other one down! Guess that happens when you’re fat and over fifty! Oh well….someday…)
50 knees to elbows (20 as these were crazy hard – my hands kept slipping off the bar)
50 push press (25 but they actually didn’t feel too bad – I just didn’t know if I could push the bar up anymore)
50 barbell good mornings (30 with 35# barbell)
50 wall ball shots (30 with 14lb ball)
50 burpees (25 – I felt like each one took at least 5 minutes!)
50 double unders (85 single unders)
*compare to 4/25/18, 5/3/17 and 6/29/16
My time was 25:42. So under 30 but definitely had scales built in 🙂 If I had done 50 of each, I would have only been on the lunges by the time 30:00 was up! I think I’m too fat, and too old to do this many of each of these! I’m sure the younger people did much better!

So that workout I think about killed me. Hope I manage to be able to move today while I’m at work!
Have a good day everyone! See you tomorrow!

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