Start of A New Week

Good morning – welcome to Monday! Headed back to the gym to workout. Wonder how many will be there today? There were probably 16 people this morning. Always good to see everyone.

General Warm Up
2 rounds
1:30 jump rope or jumping jacks
10 PVC pass-throughs
10 ATY with plates (5lb plates)
10 Squat with feet together

Workout Prep
10 Hanging scap retractions with pause
3 top half strict pull-ups
3 bottom half strict pull-ups
3 strict pull-ups (band assisted)

Strength/Power (13:00)
strict pull-ups
*compare to 11/2/20 (1 set of max rep unbroken strict pull-ups (band assisted – 2 black bands) I could actually get chin over bar – 10 max rep.)

Today I used 2 black bands and really used my arms and tried not to use my legs at all – I was able to do 8.

3 sets at 50% max reps from part 1
1:30-2:00 rest between sets
(11/2  – band assisted – 2 black bands – 5 each set)
Today I used 2 black bands and did 4 each set

Workout 3 (15:00)
Min 1 – 20cal/16cal row (I could only get between 8-11 calories each time.)
Min 2 – plank hold
Min 3 – rest

This was tougher than it sounds. However, I felt good that each time I actually held the plank the entire minute. A few times I felt like just falling over and saying forget it but then Rhonda would say “Come on T – almost there.” Then I was able to finish.
That’s one of the best things about CrossFit – all the encouragement you get from others.

Home, shower and off to work.

Have a good day everyone – see you tomorrow at the gym!

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