Welcome 2021 – Back to Gym

2021 is officially here. It’s the first Monday of January so back to the gym I go. I had thought about going on Saturday or Sunday, but my legs were pretty tired and decided to get back to my normal routine of M-F 5:30 a.m. and see how I do before adding a 6th day.

So, wonder how many will be there this morning starting the new year? Grace says she’ll get up and go with me all week but who knows, I doubt it…. we’ll see….???  There were about 10 of us there – and NO, Grace did not get up and go. 

General Warm Up
2 rounds
1:30 bike or row (row)
10 long lunges
0:20 pike stretch + 5/5 single leg pike compressions

Build Up and Transition
choose a weight for the farmer’s carry and practice the tempo pistol (25 lb db) 

Workout (20:00)
20:00 for quality, rounds:
100ft/100ft single arm farmers walk (25lb db)
0:30 L-sit (tuck hang)
5/5 tempo pistol on box (box step up with slow/controlled lowering)

Transition and Workout Prep (7:00)
Review movement and flow for part 2
Have athletes perform:
6 lunges
6 jumping lunges (I couldn’t do these so I did regular lunges – but my lunges I can actually touch my knee to the ground just about every time!)

Workout Part 2 (15:00)
15:00 EMOM
Minute 1: 0:30 jumping lunges (regular lunges)
Minute 2: 0:30 air bike sprint (row)
Minute 3: rest

Good workout. Now to get home, shower and off to work after Christmas break.
It was nice not having to go in everyday but I’m ready for routine.

See everyone tomorrow!

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