Thursday CrossFit – Staying Fit

General Warm-Up
Shoulder Prep Warm-Up
10 Arm circles front
*start small and build to 10 full range of motion
10 arm circles back
*start small and build to 10 full range of motion
10 side to side arm swings
10/10 criss cross arm swings
10 up and back arm swings
5/5/5 PVC pass through
*5 wide, 5 medium, 5 narrow
10 reverse grip pass through
20 band pull aparts
15 scap retractions on bar
15 ring rows
15 box or bench dips

Bench Press and Pull-up Prep and Build Up (10:00)
10 bench press (we did dumbbell floor press – a med ball, laid on ground, neck/shoulders on ball, feet into floor) 10 lb db
2 beat swings
2 beat swings + 1 kip
5 bench press, light (15lb db)
2 beat swings + 1 pull-up
2 beat swings + 1 pull up + 2 beat swings
5 bench press moderate (15lb dbs)
3 kipping pull up (I did ring rows)

Workout Part 1
Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets)
5 weighted pull-ups (ring rows – hard)
5 bench press (20 lb db)

Workout Part 2
For Time
27-21-15-9 (I scaled to 21 – 15 – 12 -9)
Pull-ups (ring rows)
push-ups with feet elevated 4″ – I did the first 5 with feet elevated but I couldn’t do anymore so went to knees on ground and did regular push-ups. I still can’t get all the way to the floor but I am getting closer.

Nice and sweaty workout for today. See everyone tomorrow! Have a great day!

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