Wednesday CrossFit

Ok, I have to start with the fact that CrossFit Timoro is great! They selected me as the December Athlete Spotlight! Check it out… To read more about Teresa’s journey at CFT click the link below:
It was fun to share my journey into and through CrossFit.

Now, who will be working out today? Will Grace get up? Ok, no Grace today. Must have stayed up too late talking to someone on the phone???
Lacey, Nikki, Sonja, Dana, Kari, Evan, Reanna, Rhonda, Jeff, Emily
Big group today! Nice to see everyone since we aren’t at the gym right now.

General Warm Up
2 rounds
0:30 inchworm + push-up
10 cossack squats
30ft/30ft banded monster walk variation
25 band pull aparts
0:30 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build Up
Power Clean and Front Squat Prep
Power Clean Progression (clean deadlift focus)
*with barbell (I used 10 lb dumbbells)
3 clean deadlift to mid-thigh
3 clean deadlift to shrug
3 muscle clean
3 “lands” in power position
3 hang power clean
3 power clean
*add 3 front squats after the hang powers cleans and power cleans

Build Up
3 rounds (1st round – 10lb dbs, 2nd & 3rd rounds – 15lb dbs)
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 burpee

Workout (25:00)
AMRAP 25:00 – 15lb dumbbell set
3 power cleans (did 10 rounds)
3 front squats (did 10 rounds)
10 burpees (did 9 rounds of 8)(someday these will actually look better- but trying to pick up your body off the floor that many times in a row is not exactly easy!)
1:30 rest after each round
*add 1 power clean and 1 front squat to each new round

Minimal Equipment Options
25:00 AMRAP
5 dumbbell power cleans
5 dumbbell front squats
10 burpees
*1:30 rest after each round

Cool Down
1:00/1:00 pigeon stretch

Nice to see everyone! Have a great day!

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