CrossFit Zoom – Friday

Instead of Black Friday shopping this year, I was home since all the kids are home. The workout today wasn’t until 10:00 a.m. By then, it felt too hot in the house, there was a dog and cat running around, people getting up…so, I decided it was 42 out so I could just go on the deck and do the workout. Took my computer and off I went. Victoria did join me shortly after 10:00.

General Warm Up
2 rounds
1:00 single unders or jumping jacks (single unders)
10-15 PVC pass throughs
10 barbell good mornings, 0:04 lowering phase

Skill and Build Up
Power Snatch Warm-Up and Build-Up
2 rounds
* first round with the PVC, second round with an empty barbell
4 snatch pulls
4 snatch high pulls
4 muscle snatches
4 hang power snatches
4 power snatches

Build Up
2 sets
2 position power snatch

Workout part 1
8:00 EMOM
2 position power snatch (we used dumbbells and did single arm dumbbell snatches – 5 each arm)

Workout part 2
Build Up
10 push press, empty barbell or light dumbbells (15 lb)
10 scap retraction push ups
5 push press (15 lb set)
3-5 push press

for time 9:27
Strict pull-ups (did dumbbell rows – 15lb set – had to double the number 30-24-18)
Push press (15 lb set)
*perform 35 ambit sit=ups before each round (sat on bench and put legs out and pulled knees up to chest – this was very challenging – could only do 20 each time)

Tough workout today but it felt good doing it outside! We will see where we do the workout tomorrow? and if anyone joins me or not???

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