Wednesday CrossFit Zoom

Zooming again….who will be working out today?
Dave, Evan, Reanna, Lacey, Rhonda, Jeff, Emily

General Warm Up
2 rounds
1:30 row or bike (bike)
10 cossack squats
5 inchworms + up dog to down dog

Skill and Build Up
Wall Ball Progression (15lb db set)
7 wall ball front squat
7 wall ball push press
7 wall ball

Burpee Prep
5 push-ups
5 No push-up burpess
5 burpees

Workout (30:00)
30:00 EMOM for reps
Minute 1: 15cal/12cal row (0:50 bike)
Minute 2: 15 wall ball shots (dumbbell thrusters 10 lb set – did 15 all except round 25 – 10 and then round 27 only did 12 — all others and final round #28 did 15)
Minute 3: 15 burpees (I could only do between 5-8 each 0:50)

This was EXTREMELY Challenging for me. Felt like I really couldn’t breathe the entire time. Oh well, I’ll breathe soon.

Have a great day everyone and hope everyone stays well and has a very Happy Thanksgiving with their families.

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