Thursday CrossFit

Can’t believe it’s Thursday already. The weeks seem to fly right by!

General Warm up
2 rounds
5 inchworms + up dog to down dog
15 good mornings, empty barbell
15 snatch grip elbows out row, empty barbell

Skill and Build up
Hang Power Clean Progression
with an empty barbell
5 dip and drive
5 dip and drive to elbows high
5 muscle cleans
5 lands
5-7 hang power cleans

Build Up
3 sets (2 sets @ 55 lbs; 1 set @ 60 lbs)
3 hang power cleans

Strength & Power
Hang power clean
10:00 EMOM (55 lbs)
3 hang power cleans

Accessory Work
3 Rounds
1:00 front rack kneeling squats (plus band resistance) (15 lb dumbbells on shoulders)
0:30 rest
1:00 plate step up plank position (45lb plate to step up and over)
0:30 rest
0:30 weighted hollow rock (10lb plate)
0:30 rest

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