Monday CrossFitting

General Warm Up
Jump Rope Warm-Up
0:20 single unders
0:20 single leg single unders
0:20 side to side
0:20 forward and backs
0:20 in and outs
0:10 double unders
0:10 double unders or triple under attempts
Jump roping is still such a challenge for me. One of these days I’ll figure it out.

2 rounds
0:30 banded good mornings
0:30/0:30 spiderman stretch

Downdog sequence 2
0:10 downdog
0:10 updog
0:10/0:10 downdog with shoulder circles
0:10 updog
0:10/0:10 downdog with ankle reach

Skill and Build Up
Deadlift Progression
*with empty barbell
7 from top, to the knees and stand
7 from top, to knees, to shins, to knees, and stand
7 deadlift

Build Up
5 sets (55 lbs, 65lbs)
4 deadlifts
*do 10 double unders after rounds 2 and 4

Workout (15:00)
5 rounds
10 deadlifts (275lbs/185lbs) (65lbs)
50 double unders (100 single unders)
2:00 rest between rounds

Accessory Work
3 rounds NOT for time
10/10 half kneeling Pallof press
10/10 banded bird dogs

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