Back to Zooming – CrossFit

Covid has us back on Zoom. Hopefully only a couple of days so I can do this.

General Warm-Up
2 Rounds
1:30 row (bike)
1:30 skip rope

20/20 leg swings
20/20 lateral leg swings
5 inchworms
0:30/0:30 Samson stretch

Skill and Build Up
Bulgarian Split Squat Prep
5/5 split squats (10lb/8lb)
5/5 reverse lunges
5/5 front rack reverse lunges, empty barbell
5/5 bulgarian split squat, unloaded
5/5 front rack bulgarian split squat, empty barbell

Build Up
2 sets
5/5 front rack bulgarian split squats

Strength & Power
in 10:00
build to a max weight for 10 reps each leg of the front rack bulgarian split squat
Compare to 9/9/20 (40lbs)
Today I just couldn’t handle weight for some reason. It was weird, but i really struggled to even just do these.

8 rounds for total reps
0:20 Abmat sit-ups (5-7 each round)
0:10 rest
0:20 front squat (75lbs/55lbs) (10lb db set – 5 or 6 each round)
0:10 rest

Accessory Work
1:00/1:00 couch stretch

What a tough time from home today. I really struggled with the Bulgarian split squats. Oh well, I’m 51 they shouldn’t be easy. Someday I’ll get them figured out.

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