CrossFit Monday

Another week at the gym.

Cardio Ramp Up – Shoulder and Back Focus
On a bike or rower, complete 5 intervals of
0:50 easy (rower)
0:10 hard

3 rounds not for time
5/5 windmills (with 10 lb db)
5/5 cross-body dumbbell muscle snatch (10 lb db)

Workout Prep
10 hanging scap retractions
5 squat therapy squats
3 top half strict pull-ups (tried to figure out a band assisted pull-up)
3 bottom half strict pull-ups
3 strict pull-ups (band assisted pull-up, not near the bar yet, but I did get closer)
10 air squats

Workout 30:00
30:00 AMRAP

800m run (row)

3 rounds
5 strict pull-ups (band assisted – working on getting up closer to the bar)
15 air squats

1:00 bar hang (I can’t really lift my feet up for more than like a second or two, but I can hang and just gently have my feet on the ground – I’ll get there someday)

Matt said everyone should be able to complete a minimum of 3 sets. I felt good because I did exactly three sets with like 3 seconds left over. I just walked to my water bottle for those last 3 seconds.

Have a great day everyone!!

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